Make a difference in someone’s life….. Become an Embryologist!

There are not many careers where you can claim to make a difference in someone’s life, but in the ever growing fast paced world of Embryology, we can do just that.

The field of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) became a reality in July of 1978 with the birth of the world’s first “test tube” baby. As of today, over 5 million children have been born utilizing the cutting edge skills that occur in IVF centers worldwide.

According to recent publications, Infertility is on rise, worldwide , with approximately 1 in 7 of reproductive age being diagnosed as infertile – equating to 72.5 million people globally – and there is an increasing demand for assisted reproductive technology (ART).

worldwide, approximately one million ART treatments are now performed each year and over five million ART babies have been born. There is a real concern about properly trained clinical embryologists, both in India and the rest of the world. In response to these concerns, the IIARTRC affiliated to Mysore University one of the best university , has developed an intensive, two-year course, M Sc in Assisted reproductive technology and embryology. Our intention is to inspire, motivate and train Students in clinical embryology throughout the world.

An embryologist is a scientist who works with sperm, eggs, and embryos in ART laboratory.

The embryologist in an in vitro fertilization program (IVF) plays a vital role in the journey to pregnancy for a couple struggling with infertility. During the course of infertility treatments, the embryologist will be involved from the start to finish of an in vitro fertilization – IVF cycle.

Clinical embryology is a satisfying and rewarding job. It is a pleasure to serve the patients you treat and especially to see their joy when the outcome is positive. Embryology can be a very lucrative career for those who are willing to work hard, stay focused and dedicated to the task at hand.

There are so many institutes that offers short term course in Embryology that can be done after BSc, and there by doing that you can start working in the industry, However, if you want to be called as an embryologist and treated as one, then its better to do MSc in Embryology, which is offered by very few colleges in INDIA .

It’s important to remember that Embryology is a young and growing field. The growth potential is limitless. Taking advantage of a program like , MSc in ART and Embryology offered at iiartrc will allow individuals to enter this unique field during its infancy and help shape the future of the profession


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