Salient Features of M.S.c in Assisted Reproduction and Embryology

  • Degree is awarded by the university of Mysore –( M.S.c in Assisted Reproduction and Embryology).
  • 2years course -4semesters of 6months duration.
  • Well designed curriculum on clinical embryology and ART.
  • On completion of the course, students will be ready to do clinical embryology and research
  • Course director – distinguished and world famous, clinical embryologist Dr.Srinivas M S who has succcessfuly conducted more than 25000 cycles of ivf , an eminent international and national faculity.
  • Dr Shilpa C.v an specialist in ART .with wide experience in the field and trained in Germany.

This course encompasses three key aspects of ART -

  • Technical, hands-on laboratory sessions where you'll use gametes to build your skills in clinical embryology.
  • Clinical access, where you'll follow real patients undergoing assisted conception
  • Academic research, where you'll explore the latest research relating to this field alongside leading academics from across the world.

On completion of the course

  • Acquire knowledge about cellular biology and bio physical techniques.
  • Thorough knowledge of human reproductive biology and genetics.
  • Infertility counselling.
  • Setting up of an andrology lab and well versed with andrology techniques.
  • Well versed in micromanipulation techniques (IVF , ICSI) and micro surgical procedures (TESA, MESA, PESA).
  • Able to do cryopreservation of gametes , embryos and reproductive tissues.
  • Able to do embryo biopsy and pre genetic screening.
  • Thorough insight of quality control and risk management in ART.
  • Knowledge in research methodology and techniques and will be able to do project work in ART independently.
  • indepth knowledge about legal and ethical aspects relating to ART practice.
  • On completion of Msc in ART And Embryology, students will be ready to do embryology and clinical research.


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